Affiliate Info
It is completely free to join the Home Cleansing System partner program and for each confirmed online order of customers directed to our web-site from your link we will pay you a referral fee of 20% of the order plus all that person's orders for a full year! Plus, if any affiliates sign up that are directed to our site from your link, we will pay you a 5% referral fee on their orders.

By becoming an affiliate of Home Cleansing System you can help promote the value of a healthy lifestyle. By placing a link or Banner Link on your own web-site, web-page or just in e-mails to friends you know or to people you think would be interested in our Home Cleansing System you can help spread the word about this wonderful site.

All it takes is a few minutes of your time. It is all automated. You chose your unique ID and password and we will provide you the code for you to place on your website or e-mail. Your text or a Banner Link will contain a code set up for you for precise, verifiable sales tracking. Every visitor that clicks on your link is tagged with your affiliate ID which will verify purchases for more than a year after they click on the link.