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Home Cleansing System Instructional Video: Coming Soon

One on the wonderful features of the Home Cleansing System Cleansing Kit is how easy it is to set up and use. It takes less than a minute to set up and get ready to do your cleanse. One side of the board is placed onto a chair and the other on the toilet. This allows for a study support for you to lie on. The specialized molded bucket can be place on toilet tank or placed on a strong hook on the wall or on a cabinet. It must be placed higher than you body position so that gravity can assist with the pressure, which works the water through your system. Connect the tubing to the board and the rectum insert to the tubing. Once this is done you can lie down and release the clamp. This will allow water to flow and your cleanse will commence. The cleanse takes between 40-50 minutes but varies per person. The board is easy to clean due to the material used to make it. The rectum inserts are disposal and are sterile for added hygiene. The board is one of the smallest on the market and can be easily stored after it is used